Restoration Counseling helped me get my heart back. I began to see parts of myself and my life that I hadn’t understood before, and places I was able to change that hindered me relationally and even spiritually. I would say through my counseling experience that I became more whole and more free. It was worth every minute!

Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Therapy

Individual counseling is a collaborative process between patient and therapist. Your therapist can treat specific issues (e.g. anxiety, depression, addiction, sexual integrity or brokenness, past or current trauma, etc.) or everyday concerns.

Couples Counseling

We work with married and unmarried couples across a wide spectrum. Whether you need help getting “unstuck” or you are experiencing serious disconnection and conflict, or have an interest in premarital counseling, we’re here to help.

Family Therapy

We offer therapy for families experiencing difficulties in functioning well, whether between parents and child/children, or within sibling groups. Working within a systemic framework, we are trained to see both within and between individuals in a family in order to facilitate positive change.

Child/Adolescent Counseling

We offer child counseling and adolescent counseling for boys and girls. We work to be a safe place for your child or adolescent to discover and celebrate the unique image of God they are created to be.

Group Therapy

We are just beginning to offer therapy groups.  If you are interested in joining a group, please contact us to let us know your interest.  We will consider groups based on need and interest, so please let us know yours.

Therapy is soul care

The term “psychotherapy” comes from the Greek words for soul and healing. Professionally, it is a intentional way of caring for people by helping them live more fully by skillfully exploring and treating the issues of the heart to help you heal and grow emotionally, relationally and spiritually.

From our perspective, it ultimately means people know and honestly face their story, and in the process, learn to live more fully.

The difference between therapy and counseling

Psychotherapy works to effect change from the inside out by helping patients uncover and change the deeper issues that are the seedbed of the surface problems. Therapists generally aim to promote healing and growth at the most profound levels. In contrast, counseling traditionally is a top down approach that focuses on problem solving and behavioral change.

At Restoration Counseling, we provide psychotherapy to our patients who want that deep life-change.

You can live more fully

Therapy helps individuals, couples, and families identify, address and heal emotional and psychological wounds or problems. From our perspective, it means those things but much more.

Restoration Counseling helps professionals and their families heal, grow and mature by learning to better live their story, rediscover a deeper sense of themselves, develop more authentic relationships and live increasingly fulfilling lives.

Rediscover your story

We help people honestly face their story. In doing so, they become more aware of the bigger story and passionate about the life in which they are living. We thoughtfully work to understand each patient’s story, and actively uncover and confront the relational patterns that prohibit them from having the life they desire.

We can help you live your story with greater authenticity.

Realize you can change

Because each person is different, we work “close in.” This is our way of describing how we pay close attention to and explore the unique dynamics each person brings to therapy.

Sometimes this can feel intense for both the patient and the therapist. However, we believe that people come to therapy to change and by working “close in”, the patient has the best chance of realizing that change.

We are interested in you

We are interested in you — your heart, your relationships, your life.  We want full life for you. And we are passionately trained to help take you into it.

Our therapists are guided by a Biblical worldview with an attachment lens: we see reality as a Grand Story with each of us made in the image of God to play a key role in it.  We understand that life wounds us, and we learn to survive those harms the best we know how at the time.  Often, those attempts to survive later end up narrowing our ability to live well and to live fully within our relationships and our roles.

We end up painfully stuck, whether gridlocked in relationships we value but can’t seem to navigate, caught in a whirlpool of habits or addictions that seem to chain us down, or simply unable to reach for the things we most desire in life.

We are skilled

We are skilled at understanding and making room for those survival strategies as well as the longings to re-engage deeply in our lives, to get unstuck and moving again. We are trained in experiential approaches to helping you, in which change happens through our encounters together as we make safe space for these places within your story.

Essentially, we help you get your heart back, healed, whole again, and reconnected with the things — and people — you most love and long for.

We are trained

Clinically, our therapists are trained through John Brown University’s Graduate Counseling Program and have experience working with Systemic, Experiential, Existential, and Attachment-based models of psychotherapy. We each continue to grow our training, education, and skills through graduate classes (Master’s and Doctoral levels), certification programs, and continuing education courses.

Not at all. While Restoration Counseling is primarily staffed by Christians who are trained in a Biblical worldview, our services are available to anyone. We do not push a religious agenda or discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or national origin. We are committed to meeting you where you are and working within your values as much as possible.

We believe there are qualities and needs ubiquitous to the human experience — we each have deep longings and needs for safety and security, to be seen and understood, valued and accepted, and to connect with others in meaningful ways. And that we all experience pain and frustration as we try to navigate our way through life and often need the eyes and skills of others to help us along the way. Whether or not you are a Christian, we want to be able to join you on your journey and facilitate some of the changes you are hoping for.

Psychotherapy is generally considered a short-term investment for a long-term gain.  Our therapists are trained in models of brief therapy, with the intent to bring about the most change in the shortest time possible.  While deep and effective change should be done efficiently, we also understand that relational encounters between the therapist and patient creates the best chance for success.

Each of our therapists set his or her own fees based on licensure, training, and experience.  Our base fee for Licensed Professional Counselors is $125/session, with an option for scholarship funds to help reduce the fee for those who qualify.  (You are welcome to inquire about scholarship when you contact us.) We also have supervised counselor interns/graduate students who can offer low cost sessions for those with limited resources.  Please see Counselors for more information.

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